Maria Heffernan

​大 家 好! Hello everybody! Learning foreign languages broadens our horizons. As we start using foreign vocubulary, we also start engaging in a dialogue with different people, a different culture, and a different part of the globe. A crucial aspect of learning is the student's willingness to learn. Therefore, it is important to create lessons that are stimulating and suited to the level of the students. Teachers share in the responsibility of educating the next generation. A Chinese proverb states: é•¿ 江后 浪推 前 浪. The Changqiang river waves behind drive the waves ahead. According to Chinese philosophy, each new generation excels the last one.


I studied Chinese Language and Literature for three years at the University of Vienna, Austria, and subsequently for two years in Beijing, China. During the course of my Comparative Literature studies, I also took classes in Spanish, French, German, and Italian literature. Besides China, I lived in Italy, Argentina, and Thailand.


I am looking forward to teaching more classes here at CMS.


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