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I spent my first 23 years in Lubbock, TX, then spent the next 17 packing and unpacking as an Air Force wife. We settled in the Springs in '94 and I began teaching at Challenger in '96. My husband Gary and I have two daughters--Rachel (1984) and Anna (1986). 
Professional: Graduated from Texas Tech with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and a Bachelor of Science in Health Education. Worked under contract for the DOD in Morale, Welfare and Recreation. Personal trainer for adults and then stay at home mom until my own children got into school, when I pursued a teaching job in the school system.
Education Philosophy: You don't need to be athletic to stay active and healthy. Our physical education goal is to introduce students to a wide variety of team and individual sports to help them find something they care to pursue at a recreational level. Self esteem comes from disciplining yourself to get up off the couch and work for something that is outside the comfort zone.
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What's on ALEC?

​You'll find:

Any documents or hand outs from physical education class.

Instructions on how to do make-up work to raise your grade.

A list of the health units covered for your grade level, along with quizzes to test yourself on what you've learned.


Linda Craig3/21/2013 9:21 AM
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