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Ms. Larmour has been teaching since 1998 (Wow!  That's a long time!!).  She started out teaching HS biology and agriculture in Tucson, Arizona and then moved to Wisconsin where she began teaching middle school science and realized she possessed the special kind of craziness that it took to love middle school students!  She taught 7th grade science at River Bluff Middle School for 12 years and then moved to Colorado in 2011 with her two amazing children, Owen and Amy.  She taught in District 11 for 3 years and joined the Cheetah family at Challenger Middle School in 2014.


When Ms. Larmour isn't helping her students to read, write, think, and collaborate like scientists she enjoys spending time with her kids - sometimes she feels like she is just a chauffer but still loves the chance to be with them!  She also enjoys taking pictures, hiking, reading, and has recently begun painting after spending many evenings at Painting with a Twist.


Kendra Larmour



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