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NEW policy for selected Over-the-Counter Medications

Parents may now bring the following over-the-counter medications for their student to the Health Room WITHOUT needing a health care provider signature:  Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, antacids, anti-histamines (one dose only), and cough drops (no essential oils or herbal medications).  Parents will still sign the Permission to Administer Medication form when bringing the medication to the Health Room.  Dosing will be per the original packaging directions for age and/or weight.  Students with fevers over 100.5 will be sent home, per District 20 Illness Guidelines, and NO Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen will be administered.  Students will not be allowed to self-carry these medications but can access through the Health Room.

Jane Manderfield5/7/2018 2:03 PM
ANNUAL immunization exemption waiver form for personal or religious reasons

​Effective 07-01-2016, the Colorado Department of Education requires ANNUAL signing of the exemption waiver form for parents selecting to not immunize students for personal or religious reasons.  The required form is contained on this web site.  Signed forms expire annually on June 30th of each school year.  New signed waivers may be returned to Challenger's Health Room. 


Exemptions for medical reasons, as signed by the Health Care Provider, will continue to be valid for the length of District 20 attendance.

Jane Manderfield5/25/2017 11:35 AM
19-20 immunization requirements.pdf
6/25/2019 12:04 PMJane Manderfield
asthma care plan.pdf
4/13/2018 10:47 AMJane Manderfield
diabetes (general) care plan.pdf
5/12/2015 11:10 AMJane Manderfield
diabetes care plan for pump.pdf
5/12/2015 11:10 AMJane Manderfield
general health care plan.pdf
5/12/2015 11:27 AMJane Manderfield
HIPAA Release.pdf
9/18/2014 4:18 PMJane Manderfield
illness guidelines .pdf
11/2/2015 1:22 PMJane Manderfield
medical exemption waiver.pdf
1/4/2017 2:15 PMJane Manderfield
non-medical exemption waiver.pdf
7/19/2016 11:43 AMJane Manderfield
permission to administer medication.pdf
8/8/2018 1:53 PMJane Manderfield
seizure action plan.pdf
8/8/2019 7:07 PMJane Manderfield
severe allergy anaphylaxis care plan.pdf
4/3/2018 2:27 PMJane Manderfield
SSN emergency form.pdf
4/17/2018 10:02 AMJane Manderfield

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