Jaime Wade
“Growing up in the frigid northern state of Minnesota was always an adventure for me. Besides building snow forts and attempting to skate on ice using the soles of our shoes, the Minnesota winters held little more than reading, writing, and watching Cheers for my older brother and me. We were both interested in attending a small private Bible college in St. Bonifacius for our undergraduate work; so two years after my brother enrolled, I followed in his footsteps. Initially beginning my studies as a youth ministry major, I decided my junior year to once again follow my big brother, so I graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts in secondary education with an English emphasis.
Since graduation, I have taught both at the middle and high school levels in private and public schooling.  My classes are challenging and offer students the necessary preparation and transition into middle school.  In addition to teaching sixth grade language arts, I assist with High Trails Coordination.
I am also an avid equestrian.  In addition to participating in dressage and endurance riding, I continue to teach horsemanship lessons and summer camps as well as train horses and train people how to train their horses to foster better equine/human relationships. I am certified through the Certified Horsemanship Association and have studied under Pat Parelli's principles. My husband, my son and I live on our little ranch on the plains with our family of critters; we enjoy hunting, fishing, and the great outdoors!
My goal in life is to be the best teacher that I can be, no matter the subject area. I realize the importance of continued education for myself, and I strive for opportunities of further learning”
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Jaime Wade

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