Denise Duker
Visual Arts Educator Challenger MS, Colorado Springs 1997
BFA, Sacramento State University of California
MAEd, Auburn University at Montgomery
Japan Fulbright Educator in 2005
Board Member Manitou Springs Arts Council
Children's Book Illustrator
I love teaching and making art. I am a lifelong artist always learning and always experimenting with new techniques and materials.
The joy of middle school is being able to quide students from 6th grade and on  into 8th grade watching them grow in confidence and developing an artistic style that is all their own.
I have had the opportunity to teach Art from Preschool at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art, to gifted and talented High School students at summer art programs at AUM. My passion is art and travel, and the two are a natural fit. Traveling to Japan as a Fulbright Educator was an honor and a cultural experience of which I am continually grateful.
Being a practicing artist and Iillustrator, I love working with many different mediums. The world of art making can encompass everything we do, from personal self expression to making the community and our environment a better place.  I love to use materials in unique ways and to share new techniques with my students. The creative experience is a natural form of expression for everyone.
 I am grateful to have the opportunity to be able to share my love of art as an educator  and allow children the chance to explore  ways of expressing their own unique selves in a non judgmental creative atmosphere.
                                                Art is Life!

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Young Peoples Art Exhibit

​CMS has some remarkable students art entered in the 51st Annual Young People's Art Exhibit. 

8th Grade / Ilish Bath, Winner of the "Einstein Award", Sculpture

                     Nickolas Haugn / 2nd Place, Collage

7th Grade / Natalie Clark, Skylar Henry

Denise Duker5/1/2013 10:23 AM
Academy Federal Credit Union Art Show
Denise Duker3/21/2013 2:52 PM




Visual Arts

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