What is CHTA TV?
We are glad you asked! CHTA TV is the daily news broadcasted to all Challenger Middle School homerooms. CHTA TV gives everyone their daily dose of news, entertainment, weather and sports from Challenger Middle School. CHTA TV is produced by the 8th grade students everyday at Challenger Middle School.
Mission Statement:   The Broadcast Journalism Enrichment provides the opportunity for students to multitask using a variety of skills including interviewing, script writing, scene designing, scene taping and editing, creating voice-overs, creating computer-generated art for titles of features, and teamwork for the purpose of creating a daily news video that is broadcast to the entire staff and student body of Challenger Middle School.  The daily news video promotes school spirit, character education, and communication between the administration and students in a positive and highly engaging format.
If you would like an announcement made on CHTA TV send an email to chtatv@gmail.com