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Band is a great opportunity to come and have fun. We learn great music, and even first timers will be comfortable on a new instrument. It is an elective class that meets for a full year. This is a great opportunity, so do not miss out!
Summer Band Sessions:  In June and July, students may opt to enroll in summer band and get a head start on their instrument, as well as meet other incoming middle school students from across the district.  Look for enrollment information on the Academy District 20 website. 
Here is a list of all the available instruments that a student can play in band:
Flute: The flute is a woodwind instrument that you hold to the right of your mouth and blow into the mouthpiece to make the beautiful music for which the flute is known.
Oboe: The oboe is a woodwind instrument that you hold down from your mouth and blow into the double reed to make the unique sound that the oboe produces.
Clarinet: The clarinet is larger than the flute or oboe and plays a range that is much lower but it is held similarly to the oboe, just a little closer to the body. You make the beautiful deep sound by blowing into the single reed that is attached to the mouthpiece.  
Saxophone: The saxophone is the largest of the standard woodwind instruments and is held to the right side of the body at a tilt. You blow into a mouthpiece similar to the clarinet.  It has a loud jazzy sound. 
Brass and Percussion:
Trombone: The trombone is a brass instrument with a long shape and a very deep sound. You blow into the mouthpiece that is used for almost every brass instrument and you vary the pitch by vibrating your lips differently for certain sounds and by adjusting the slide.
 Trumpet: The trumpet is a brass instrument that is much smaller than the trombone and has a range that is much higher. You hold it and blow into the mouthpiece similarly and you have to adjust your lips in the same fashion.  Instead of moving the slide you press valves.
French Horn: The French horn is an instrument that is a coiled tube nearly twenty feet in length. It has the typical brass mouth piece and you press down valves to help reach different notes, similar to the trumpet but they are shaped differently.
  Tuba/ Baritone: The reason these two instruments are put together is
   because they are very similar except that the baritone is just a little smaller,
like a baby tuba. These instruments are quite large and are held upright while
   you blow in the mouthpiece that is like all of the other brass instruments.
Percussion: Percussion is one large category were you get to play more than one instrument. You will play bells, snare drum, timpani, chimes, and more. That picture is just a snare drum but there in a lot more than just that. You have to switch what you play between songs, but it is a lot of fun.
Students must audition to play percussion.  Two years of previous piano experience is highly recommended.
If you have any questions, please use the contact information provided below.