Clubs and Activities

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Activity and Athletics

Challenger Middle School



Sports Season (intermural and interscholastic)

August 12-October 1: 7-8 Football

August 14-September 25: 6-8 Cross Country

August 14-September 28: 7-8 Girls' Volleyball

October 2-November 9: 6-8 Girls' Softball, 7-8 Boys' Basketball

November 18-January 25: 7-8 Girls' Basketball

January 27-March 7: 6-8 Wrestling

March 11-May 1: 7-8 Track


6th Grade Sports Clinics

Volleyball: April 20-23, 27-30; 3-4:15; $25 fee

Basketball: May 4-7, 11-14; 3-4:15; $25 fee



Art Club (Mrs. Hays): runs 2nd quarter; Tuesdays from 3-4; everyone welcome; $10 fee

Book Club (Ms. McIntosh): Runs mid-September to early May; Wednesdays 3-4; no fee

Brain Bowl (Dr. Howard): Runs from November 20-February 26; Wednesdays from 3-4:20; TAG students ONLY/application process; $25 fee

Bridge Club (Dr. Howard): Runs from April 3-May 22; Fridays from 3-4:15; open to all students with TAG students having priority; no fee

Cheetah Rubik Cube Club (Mr. Cheney): Runs second semester; Wednesdays 3-4:15; open to all students; must sign up with Mr. Cheney; $10 fee

Chess, Backgammon and Cribbage Club (Dr. Howard): Runs from February 25-April 7; Tuesdays 3-4:15; open to all students with TAG students having priority; no fee

Color Guard (Mrs. Schaarschmidt):  Runs Jan. 28-Mar. 14; Tuesdays/Wednesdays 3:15-4:15; no fee

Dungeons and Dragons Club (Mr. Cheney):  Runs Sept. 12-Dec. 19; Thursdays 3-4:15; open to all students; no fee

Drama Club (Mr. K): Club hosts a play and a musical each year.  Both shows require an audition/application for all students hoping to be involved on stage as actors or backstage as tech crew; $15/each show

Forensics (Ms. Murray): Runs from October-February; practice 1-2 times per week; everyone welcome; $40 fee

French & Spanish Culture Club (Mrs. Pelz/ Mr. Ryan): Runs third quarter; Thursdays from 3-4:15; 7 and 8 grade students ONLY; $10 fee

High Trails (6th grade outdoor education trip): October 22-25; 6th grade students only; $280 fee

Lego Robotics: Practice Thursday 3-5/Saturday 8-12; all grades; $50 fee

Math Club (Mrs. Seto): Runs second and third quarter; meets every week on Tuesdays from 3-4; everyone welcome; no fee

National Junior Honor Society (Mrs. Montgomery & Ms. Williams): Runs all year; meets during Cheetah Time; 8th grade ONLY; application process at end of 7th grade school year; must meet specific criteria

Shutter Bug (Dr. Howard): Runs from September 17-November 12; Tuesdays from 3-4:20; open to all students with TAG students having priority; $5 fee

STEM Club (Mr. McIntosh): Runs all year; Wednesdays (starting Sept. 11) from 3-4:15 and every other Saturday (starting Sept. 14) from 9-12; everyone welcome; no fee

Strategic Games (Dr. Howard): Runs from September 16-May 12; Mondays from 3-4:15; open to all students with TAG students having priority; no fee

Student Council (Mrs. Pelz, Mr. Starmer & Mrs. Bair): Runs all year; meets Tuesday/Thursday during Cheetah Time; students must run and be elected to the counsel; no fee

Variety Show (Ms. Converse): Runs end of April to early May; afterschool with evening performance; auditions required; no fee

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