Clubs and Activities

Forensics is started up THURSDAY, September 24th, and it is not too late to join.  Forensics is for ALL students interested in Public Speaking, Acting, Persuading and Performing.  Practice, polish, and perform  variety of  pieces for an audience, and keep in performance shape between theater productions.  Students may write speeches or perform published works to perform.  This year will look a bit different than past years, but with creativity and technology we will have performance and feedback opportunities.


When: After school starting Thursday September 24th, 3:30 – 4:30

Where: online – Teams Meeting


Contact Ms. Murray or Mr. Grothey with any questions


Ms. Murray:

Mr. Grothey:


Activity and Athletics

Challenger Middle School



Sports Season (intermural and interscholastic)

August 12-October 1: 7-8 Football

August 14-September 25: 6-8 Cross Country

August 14-September 28: 7-8 Girls' Volleyball

October 2-November 9: 6-8 Girls' Softball, 7-8 Boys' Basketball

November 18-January 25: 7-8 Girls' Basketball

January 27-March 7: 6-8 Wrestling

March 11-May 1: 7-8 Track


6th Grade Sports Clinics

Volleyball: April 20-23, 27-30; 3-4:15; $25 fee

Basketball: May 4-7, 11-14; 3-4:15; $25 fee



Art Club (Mrs. Hays): runs 2nd quarter; Tuesdays from 3-4; everyone welcome; $10 fee

Book Club (Ms. McIntosh): Runs mid-September to early May; Wednesdays 3-4; no fee

Brain Bowl (Dr. Howard): Runs from November 20-February 26; Wednesdays from 3-4:20; TAG students ONLY/application process; $25 fee

Bridge Club (Dr. Howard): Runs from April 3-May 22; Fridays from 3-4:15; open to all students with TAG students having priority; no fee

Cheetah Rubik Cube Club (Mr. Cheney): Runs second semester; Wednesdays 3-4:15; open to all students; must sign up with Mr. Cheney; $10 fee

Chess, Backgammon and Cribbage Club (Dr. Howard): Runs from February 25-April 7; Tuesdays 3-4:15; open to all students with TAG students having priority; no fee

Color Guard (Mrs. Schaarschmidt):  Runs Jan. 28-Mar. 14; Tuesdays/Wednesdays 3:15-4:15; no fee

Dungeons and Dragons Club (Mr. Cheney):  Runs Sept. 12-Dec. 19; Thursdays 3-4:15; open to all students; no fee

Drama Club (Mr. K): Club hosts a play and a musical each year.  Both shows require an audition/application for all students hoping to be involved on stage as actors or backstage as tech crew; $15/each show

Forensics (Ms. Murray): Runs from October-February; practice 1-2 times per week; everyone welcome; $40 fee

French & Spanish Culture Club (Mrs. Pelz/ Mr. Ryan): Runs third quarter; Thursdays from 3-4:15; 7 and 8 grade students ONLY; $10 fee

High Trails (6th grade outdoor education trip): October 22-25; 6th grade students only; $280 fee

Lego Robotics: Practice Thursday 3-5/Saturday 8-12; all grades; $50 fee

Math Club (Mrs. Seto): Runs second and third quarter; meets every week on Tuesdays from 3-4; everyone welcome; no fee

National Junior Honor Society (Mrs. Montgomery & Ms. Williams): Runs all year; meets during Cheetah Time; 8th grade ONLY; application process at end of 7th grade school year; must meet specific criteria

Shutter Bug (Dr. Howard): Runs from September 17-November 12; Tuesdays from 3-4:20; open to all students with TAG students having priority; $5 fee

STEM Club (Mr. McIntosh): Runs all year; Wednesdays (starting Sept. 11) from 3-4:15 and every other Saturday (starting Sept. 14) from 9-12; everyone welcome; no fee

Strategic Games (Dr. Howard): Runs from September 16-May 12; Mondays from 3-4:15; open to all students with TAG students having priority; no fee

Student Council (Mrs. Pelz, Mr. Starmer & Mrs. Bair): Runs all year; meets Tuesday/Thursday during Cheetah Time; students must run and be elected to the counsel; no fee

Variety Show (Ms. Converse): Runs end of April to early May; afterschool with evening performance; auditions required; no fee

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