Significant Support Needs


 Significant Support Needs (SSN) Classroom

The SSN classroom is organized to meet the diverse needs and objectives of students with significant support needs.  In addition to the classroom teacher, the SSN classroom is staffed by 1 or more paraprofessional staff.  SSN classroom staff work with the District 20 itinerant staff such as the physical therapist, occupational therapist, and assistive technology specialist to ensure that students are receiving needed services.
A major goal of the SSN classroom is to assist students in becoming as independent as possible.  In addition to instruction in basic academic skills, students also receive instruction in life skills, vocational skills, social skills, and recreation-leisure skills.  Instruction is provided in both a 1-1 and group format in the SSN classroom.  Paraeducator support is provided in the regular education classrooms.  Peer assistants, 7th and 8th graders, help out when possible.  Students receiving support from the SSN classroom, as with all middle school students,  are under adult supervision at all times.
SSN students are encouraged to self-manage a part of their school day.  Based on the skills and abilities of an individual student, this might involve walking to and from class independently or attending an elective class without paraeducator support.  Students who require additional adult support at all times might be given a 5-10 minute block of free time that they manage on their own.  The goal is to support the students' growing sense of identify and autonomy.  SSN students are persons "who can."

 SSN Staff

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Finn, Jami SSN Teacher Jami Finn

Cervantes, Marcey
SSN Para

Laycock, Shane SSN Para

Heavner, Krista SSN Para

Foss, Anne SSN Para

Wallace, Kaitlin SSN Para

Shull, Leanna SSN Para